50-50!!!! U15 Mytchett Eagles: 2 Shinfield Rangers : 0

Final Score: Mytchett Eagles: 2 Shinfield : 0
Weather conditions: sunny/cloudy
Match Started at: 10:32:50
Match Time: 01:23:55
Play Time: 01:23:55
Red Cards: 0
Yellow Cards: 0
Penalty Kicks: Mytchett Eagles: 0 Shinfield : 0
Free Kicks: Mytchett Eagles: 6 Shinfield : 7
Corner Kicks: Mytchett Eagles: 3 Shinfield : 7
Offsides: Mytchett Eagles: 2 Shinfield : 1
Substitutions: Mytchett Eagles: 0 Shinfield : 0

With three players missing (leaving us with zero subs) this was going to be a tough ask. Our hosts have started well and racked up 2 wins so far this season, so we expected a close game.

A narrow pitch (linesman had more room than the wingers) added to our challenge. The match started well but it became very obvious that their No. 10 was a strong influential player. Constantly out-strengthening any unfortunate lad that had to mark him. Dan did his best to try and cover as our right flank was the focus of their attack. On the opposite side Gazza was targeted by their midfield and didn’t get to find any of the room that we’ve seen him excel at from the start of the season. Some heroics from Marcus, Jack and Luis kept them at bay until the 32nd minute. Their No.10 with a slick move lost Dan and got himself in a shooting position. A powerful kick saw the ball go over Luis head at speed and resulted in a goal. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. We started to move the ball around and a one-two between Vinay and Gazza lead to a shot that had to be tickled away by the keeper for a corner. Another passing move between Gazza, Vinay and Aiden worked the keeper again, who saved the effort. The half ended at 1-0.

Second half started with more mini battles on the pitch. Their No.10 switched sides as Dan was getting the better of him. A lot of quick counter attacking from the Eagles, but this was countered by some outstanding defending and keeping by the lads. Luis on many occasions came off his line to disrupt chances that could have lead to goals, and the opposition linesman was constantly in awe of our keepers heroics.

As expected, without any subs we became very static and ‘leggy’ which was taken advantage of. After 57mins a quick counter attack found their No.10 in enough open space to rack up another goal, making it 2-0. Some fantastic defending from Marcus, a clearance off the line by JackB, and countless heroics from Luis kept the goal count static. With 15 mins to go the lads found a new impetus. Raheim found a goal opportunity from a cross, some aggressive running from Ellis, chasing through-balls by Damon, a lofty 25 yard shot from Aiden almost catches the keeper off guard, and a shot from outside the box from Vinay forced their keeper to tip it over the cross bar, but all this, alas, didn’t impact on the final result. 2-0.

We’d like to thank our host for an exciting game and for setting up the refreshment table. A special mention for Luis, Marcus and Jack B for the die-hard tackling and fearless keeping.

20151017_101225I’d also like to thank our sponsors – Shinfield View Care Homes– for the new kit.

Reported by Sanjay