Black Friday Blues: U15 Shinfield Rangers v Berkshire County Tigers

Final Score: Shinfield : 3 Berkshire County Tig: 5
Weather conditions: Cloudy
Match Started at: 10:06:20
Match Time: 01:26:02
Play Time: 01:26:02

Red Cards: 0
Yellow Cards: 0
Penalty Kicks: Shinfield : 1 Berkshire County Tig: 0
Free Kicks: Shinfield : 2 Berkshire County Tig: 0
Corner Kicks: Shinfield : 8 Berkshire County Tig: 3
 Offsides: Shinfield : 3 Berkshire County Tig: 5


Whilst warming up the car and defrosting the windscreen the bitter cold played on my mind. The boys always struggle switching on and start firing on all fours on cold match days like this. Second halves are where we usually find our feet, but as it happened today the game was lost in the first half.

BCT’s No.18 stole the show. This man-boy was strong, physical and impossible to manage. Even though we started well, where Aiden had opportunities to get on the goal sheet, the No.18 scored two goals within 90 seconds of each other early on. He was winning all the second balls and simply out-spun anyone that was man-marking him. Marcus, Jack and Dan all bounced off him. Marcus was floored in one brave moment and came off second best, which kept him out of the game injured. Further goals followed on the 24, 31 and 36 minute by No.18 and we were 0-5 by the time the half finished. This was time for a stern team talk and a change of strategy. We couldn’t out-strength the problem, but maybe outrun him.

Second half was much better…Jacob was starting to get the measure of the No.18. Lot of great running, tackles and brave clearances started to turn the tables. Raheem and JackA played well on the right flank. Vinay and Callum stared to pick up second balls. Lots of shots and some spectacular misses that would have killed the spirit of most teams. Then after 60mins… Ellis found himself free, took down the ball, swivelled 180 degrees and shoots… Goal!!!! Finally!!!! 1-5. The boys started to pass a little and it was paying off. Then again on the 73rd minute Ellis get a poachers goal. Great goal but too little too late as the clock was against us. To cap off the resurgence we win a penalty in extra time. Ellis makes it a hat trick on the 82 mins finding the low right corner. The game ended 3-5 but we won the second half. Jacob did an amazing job to ensure we didn’t let any more goals slip by.

I’d like to thank BCT for a great game and would like to call out out hatrick hero Ellis and Jacob for his great defensive display. Well done everyone.

Reported by Sanjay Patel.