Great Scott!!! U15 v Darby Green & Potley Dynamos

Great Scott!!!

Final Score: Shinfield R: 2 Darby Green & Potley Dynamos : 1
Weather conditions: cloudy
Match Started at: 10:00:50
Match Time: 01:23:55
Play Time: 01:23:55
Red Cards: 0
Yellow Cards: 0
Penalty Kicks: DGPD: 0 Shinfield : 0
Free Kicks: DGPD: 6 Shinfield : 4
Corner Kicks: DGPD: 9 Shinfield : 7
Offsides: DGPD: 2 Shinfield : 1
Substitutions: DGPD: 3 Shinfield : 6


With the anniversary that saw Marty McFly travel into our present, I started to wonder if we’d ever get back to winning ways. On the back of two losses, where we missed the energy (about 1.21 gigawatts) and hunger to take control, the lads’ confidence was taking a hit. Our very own Doc (Pete) had to get that flux capacitor whirring again!!! (sorry, teenager of the 80s 🙂 )

To our surprise, the first series of touches that started the half was a string of half a dozen passes. At the touchline eyebrows were raised in delight as it felt like the boys wanted this game to be their’s. We started well and the attack was focused on Aiden’s wing, who constantly tried to unpick their defence. Finally, after 24min, Aiden picked up a pass from the halfway line, danced past 1 player, was chased by another, skipped through 2 others that suddenly found him within shooting range. He lined up and took a shot that was deflected, but fell to Ellis who had timed his run well. Ellis shoot and scored. Hats off to Gerrard, I mean Aiden, for that brilliant solo run. We continued to play well, but the visitors started to press and notch up the corner count. Moments later Ellis, from a low cross, took a shot and added to his tally. (Ken nearly upstaged the outfield players, but recovered well running the line). DGPD couldn’t pass their way into attack apart from using the long ball over our midfield. After several lobs they found an opportunity and our defence couldn’t chase down the attacker, who shot and scored (2-1). We continued to dominate the half but the scoreboard was a reminder that the second half would be more of a battle.

2nd half didn’t disappoint. Very well balanced as the visitors upped their game. Crunching and sliding tackles kept the ref busy. As the corner count increased so did the free kicks for both sides. The closest we came was a shot from Vinay outside the box, and another from Aiden who hit the crossbar to save the keeper from embarrassment. The welcome return of Lewis and Ajay added to our strength at the back and another brave display by Luis. This was a far better display and, although there is room for improvement, we started to show a little character. The match ended 2-1 and both sets of parents were suitably entertained.

Thanks to Darby Green and Potley Dyn for such a competitive game and a special call out to Lewis and twinkle toes Aiden.

Reported by Sanjay

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