Photography Guidelines

Guidelines for personal and club use

We’d love for you to submit photographs of your time with Shinfield Rangers so that everyone in the club can see them. We are not fussed about how amateurish or professional they are because its about sharing the experience with your friends. They can be as silly or formal as you like, show someone’s skills, a great moment, chilling after a game or just having a good day. In fact, they can be about anything to do with the club.

We can accept video but because of space and bandwidth we need to be very selective about what we include.

It is easy to get them on our site. Just pass a digital copy on to your team’s Administrator. Don’t worry about cropping, file sizes and so forth as we will sort those out for you. The only thing we ask is that you follow one simple rule – respect the people you photograph.

There is no law against taking photographs of children playing football in a public place. Though, things are different where an entry fee has been charged, the children’s welfare is affected or it is in an  area subject to government restrictions such as top secret establishments and outside the Houses of Parliament. We are unaware of any rules set by the Leagues we belong to, and there are no FA rules prohibiting the taking of photographs either.

That said, some clubs feel that they need to protect their members by prohibiting photographs. So if you want to take photos at a match please, as a courtesy to other teams, ask your team administrator or manager to consult with the other team about the position. It is expected that all parents/guardians will be asked, but please do not be put off by this as it is rare that anyone would object or feel troubled to ask. That should be enough for your personal use.

However, we need to be careful when putting photographs of children on-line and there are some FA rules about this too. That’s why most of the photos will be behind a password protected wall. In addition, we will not include the names the children that could link them directly to a photograph. Which means that we will not list the names of team members on the site as this could otherwise assist identification. On the rare occasions where opponent team members appear, their faces will be subtly blurred or altered to make identification more difficult.

If you want to learn more generally about photographers’ rights and legal information please visit the  photographer’s rights site. If in any doubt about the use of photographs of children please contact our Child Welfare Officer whose details can be found in the Committee link.