Shinfield U13 vs Winnersh Rangers Wolves 12Oct13

A chilly early morning start as autumn starts to set in. Shinfield start well and despite some quick attacking by Winnersh, Aidan comes close with a shot just missing the left post. Within no time the first spoils fall to Shinfield as a Winnersh hand-ball deep on the right gives Shinfield a free kick. Casey steps up to loft nicely across the box where Ellis is perfectly placed to head it home. 1-0

A Luke corner reaches Aidan in front of goal who taps it agonisingly over the bar. Then a surprise miskick by the Winnersh goalie runs straight to Tom who relishes the opportunity by slotting it straight back past the keeper into the right corner. 2-0

Winnersh fight back and still look dangerous at times, one shot sailing just over bar. A lovely bit of passing as James knocks the ball upfield to Tom who slides it across to Ellis. He runs 1-on-1 with the keeper and taps it just past the left post. Nice play.

Winnersh mount another spell of pressure but good defending from Dan and Ajay to snuff out any chances. At the other end, a scramble in front of goal. The ball falls for Johnnie who squeezes it between the keeper and the right post. 3-0

Ellis drives down the right and knocks the ball into to Johnnie who is closing in on the right post. Johnnie controls nicely and knocks it in for his 2nd of the day. 4-0
The opportunities keep coming as James passes to Tom upfield – he hits it first time to just miss the left post. The just before half time, Johnnie comes close to his hat-trick as he shoots wide of the post.

Half-time. Winnersh haven’t troubled Shinfield too in the first half much but are battling hard. Shinfield have definately been creating all the opportunities with some nice passing and driving at the opposition defence. Second half begins and we see a different Winnersh. They close us down fast and chase everything, eager to reduce the deficit.

A Casey corner is aimed at Johnnie but Johnnie, keen to get the ball pushes the defender in the back – He’s clearly keen to get his third! Winnersh are through but launch their shot over the bar. Then Charlie picks up the ball down the centre – slides it nicely down the right past the defence for Casey to run onto. Casey 1-on-1 with
the keeper, hits it low and hard into left corner. 5-0

Winnersh show no signs of giving up, making an attack down the right to put Lewis under pressure – he closes the gap top stop the shot with his legs – excellent keeping from Luis. Then Winnersh mount another attack and a firmly hit shot on the right meets a fabulous diving save by Lewis. At the other end, Ellis scores a goal but a previous offside is called and the goal disallowed. Tom then grabs the ball on the edge of the box, the goalkeeper runs out to close the gap, Tom attempts a flick over the keeper but it drops just wide of the left post.

Then a Casey corner is cleared by Winnersh, but only back out to Casey. He puts a cross to the edge of the box to Tom who calmly lifts the ball high into the top corner. 6-0

Winnersh break through after a long ball over our defence. Lewis is faced 1-1 by the attacker who tries to blast it to Lewis’s left. But quickly reacting, Lewis sticks his leg out to divert the ball for a corner. From the corner, Winnersh get their first goal as it drops to an attacker right into front of a crowded goal. 6-1

Back at the other end, we win another corner. Casey hits it low and hard to the front post where Dan catches it first time but turns it against the post. So close.

Casey is now running riot on the right hand side with some nice drives and crosses. One is lofted high to Ellis who doesn’t connect cleanly and just skims the left post. Casey then uses some deft footwork to take on three defenders, drives through, pulls the ball back across the area to Johnnie who can’t quite gather it, so he jabs it to Luke who takes a firm shot which is blocked by a defender. It drops to Ellis who slams in a shot which is deflected out for a corner. Exciting stuff with Shinfield making lots of chances.

Casey takes the corner, dropping out to Johnnie on edge of the penalty area. Johnnie steadies himself and, with a bunch of players in front of him, hooks it calmly over the keeper, high into the net. His hat-trick has been well deserved and draws cheers from the parents and players alike. Johnnie yet again does his trademark celebration by dropping to the ground like a wounded brick. 7-1

Now on the Left hand side, Aidan lofts a high ball forward, dropping down behind the defensive line to Casey who runs onto it. The keeper comes out. Casey deftly sidesteps the keeper to the left and taps the ball into the net with his left foot. Nicely taken, son! 8-1
Another loose ball in the area, and with only the keeper to beat, Casey lofts it just over with his left foot.

In the final minute of the game, Luke picks up the ball on the edge of the penalty area, and tries a long shot which went straight to the keeper. Inexplicably, the keeper lets it slip under his legs. 9-1.

Another fine display by Shinfield. With some fine saves from Lewis. Vinay, Sammy, Ajay and Dan playing some lovely defensive stuff at the back, James, Luke playing a blinder in midfield as usual, and Casey, Ellis, Aidan, Charlie and Tom causing all sorts of problems up front. Oh, and lets not forget Johnnie, our hat-trick hero of the day 🙂

Scorers: Ellis, Tom (2) Johnnie (3), Casey (2), Luke

– Lewis – for some excellent saves
– Casey – for skills and assists
– Johnnie – for his excellent hat-trick

Chris Starke