Shinfield U13 Whites 5 – Eversley and California FC Rangers 2 – 25Jan14

The first game of 2014 for Shinfield on a muddy but playable pitch – recent floods failing to stop play this time.

Eversley looked like they were going to pose threats with a tall fast defender breaking through early on. It came to nothing but signalled danger to our defence. The game started very evenly with most of the play in the centre of the field, rarely troubling the keepers.

Shinfields first opportunity stemmed from a good break from Luke through to Ellis, then onto Aidan who crossed quickly from the left. Reaching Tom in the middle of the area, he passed off right to Casey who hit a difficult bounce first time to whistle just wide of the right post.

Another spell of tight play with good tight defending from Shinfield and some nice left flank work from Luke and Aidan. Eversley caused a scare with a shot just wide of the left post. Shinfield retaliate – Luke through but his shot hits the keepers legs.  A Luke corner finds Casey who taps it right to Max. His first time shot just lofted over the bar.

Deep into the first half the deadlock finally broken as a lovely through ball from Luke gave Aidan a nice run at the keeper. From the edge of the box, Aidan launches it high into the goal to put Shinfield into the lead.  1-0

Shinfield now increase the pressure for a spell. Just before half time, Casey breaks through on the right, beats the keeper, but takes to too close to the end line, tries to cut it back into the goal but a defender has rushed back quickly to fumble it out.  Half time and this game still looks evenly poised.

The second half begins with an Eversley break. They open our defence nicely to let an attacker through on the right – luckily the shot goes just over the crossbar. A warning shot for Shinfield to stay alert. Our defence, Sam, Dan, Isher, Vinay, Manraj – all playing a good solid and more importantly safe game – no messing about with fancy footwork, just get the ball safely out of harms way – good defending all round.

Back at the other end, Max gets a break through the defence, beats an oncoming keeper, but hits the ball at an acute angle into the side-netting. Then Casey breaks through with a shot just missing the top left corner. A nice Luke cross to Tom in front of goal but he just can’t reach it to deflect it in.

The pressure pays off when Luke places a nice long ball through to Max – he runs at keeper, rounds him nicely, then chased by a defender, coolly runs the ball all the way into the net. 2-0

Shinfield starting to get the upper hand now. Aidan with a shot just missing left post. At the other end, Sam and Dan playing safe to snuff out some potential threats.  The in front of a crowded goal, Johnny gets the ball just inside the box and launches it into the goal. Nicely taken. And Johnny follows it with his traditional ‘dive to the ground’ celebration. 3-0

Max makes  a break through the defence, tries to take on the goalkeeper but is this time thwarted. Luckily the ball dribbles to Dan who laps up the chance to ram it straight into the goal in front of him.  4-0

Eversley don’t stop fighting though and their resilience is rewarded with a nicely taken goal when they break down our defence with some nice passing. Luis has been absolutely solid up until now, but the shot is too wide for him to reach.  4-1

Back at the other end Ellis heads just over the bar.

Fresh from their goal Eversley suddenly look hungry for another one and pile on some pressure. And their determination paid off as they manage to slam another goal past a helpless Luis   4-2

Another goal for them would certainly give Shinfield a scary last 10 minutes so things started to get a bit nervous for the Shinfield parents. Would our boys hold their nerve or would they let Eversley in again to give them a sniff of a draw in the final few minutes?

Casey gets the ball on the left, touches it back neatly to Luke who runs in a launches a long high shot from outside the area which completely clears the keeper and sails in high into the net.  A lovely goal which gives the players and parents a sigh of relief.  5-2

In the final minutes Casey gets through and hits the keeper with a shot and a lovely through ball from Luke through to Ellis is only thwarted by quick reactions from the keeper.

The game ends 5-2.  A fabulous start to the 2014 games for Shinfield against a competent and hard-working Eversley team. This was a good all-round effort from ALL in the team. Man of the match given to Luke for a solid performance – hungry for the ball, lovely through passes to make us lots of opportunities and finally a fabulous goal to seal the Shinfield victory

Well played boys

Scorers:  Aidan, Max, Johnny, Dan, Luke

Man of the Match:  Luke

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