U15 “Someone Bit Me!!!” Match report 14 Nov 2015

Final Score: Shinfield : 13 Old Windsor Tigers Blacks: 1
Weather conditions: Rainy
Match Started at: 12:03:23
Match Time: 01:23:11
Play Time: 01:23:06
Red Cards: 0
Yellow Cards: 0
Penalty Kicks: Shinfield : 0 Windsor Tigers: 0
Free Kicks: Shinfield : 1 Windsor Tigers: 3
Corner Kicks: Shinfield : 4 Windsor Tigers: 3
Offsides: Shinfield : 0 Windsor Tigers: 1
Substitutions: Shinfield : 2 Windsor Tigers: 0

Match Report

Matches like this make it hard for me to report against as there was so much going on… the Match History below should only conjure up thoughts of some slick passing, cool heads, determination and some Playstation-esque finishing…. and it was all that and more. Not one stand out player but every single player deserves credit. Our defending was clinical with JackB marshalling the line, Marcus had a steely determination and didn’t lose many headers or clearances..Dan looked like the player of old whilst Ajay and Louis not only defended well but assisted in the game-play that lead to the goals…The Tigers only got on the score sheet with an own goal and, personally, I think our keeper wanted to get in on the action and register his name on the score sheet 🙂

Midfield won a lot of mini-battles and stole much of the second ball. Vinay rattled the post from a long, rocket fueled shot in the first half. Whilst, our attacking team stole the show with a hat trick of hat tricks – Gazza, Damon and Ellis. A lot of great running and selfless passing made it a delight to watch in the bitter cold. Let’s hope we can keep this style and team play going.

Match History

Goal for Shinfield at 05:18 First Half (Damon )

Goal for Shinfield at 16:16 First Half (gazza)

Goal for Shinfield at 26:57 First Half (Ellis)

Goal for Shinfield at 35:29 First Half (Damon)

Goal for Shinfield at 36:35 First Half (Ellis)

Own Goal for Windsor tigers at 05:45 Second Half

Own Goal for Shinfield at 07:01 Second Half

Goal for Shinfield at 10:08 Second Half (Vinay)

Goal for Shinfield at 14:56 Second Half (Ellis)

Goal for Shinfield at 17:13 Second Half (Damon)

Goal for Shinfield at 24:34 Second Half (Dan)

Goal for Shinfield at 28:52 Second Half (Gazza)

Goal for Shinfield at 31:12 Second Half (Gazza)

Goal for Shinfield at 33:08 Second Half (MarcusC)

Praise for the Tigers

I would like to spare a moment for our guests. These lads showed an amazing spirit and attitude that is credit to the club. Some great banter from the sidelines and fighting to the end. What an amazing bunch of young men.

On the way back to the car I heard one young Tiger say “Someone bit me on the finger!” and his friend replied “Who? Saurez!!!”, alas not Saurez but another Jack on the day that goes by Frost 🙂

I’d like to thank the Windsor Tigers for an entertaining game and would like to call out our keeper Luis for being awarded Oct Player Of The Month, and Jacob, who on the 51st had his very first touch as a Shinfield Rangers player..