Walking Football for All takes off at Millworth Lane

IMAG0143What foul weather in the morning, I met Jon from BBFA at Millworth Lane at 9:30 and we wondered would anyone show.Shortly after 10 a select group of Mel, Mike, Simon, Raymond, Jon and myself started to a few exercises to warm up. I had thought it wouldn’t be too strenous, but I was soon to realise the stretches were well needed. Walking football was enough to raise the heart beat to sensible levels and the competitive spirit was soon to the fore.

I must admit to feeling a little sceptical about walking football, but the spirit of our small group and the sheer enjoyment of an hour outdoors in the rain has convinced me that this is something for everyone. At times it is easy to sit down and think ah football, a young persons game, a nice little walk will do me instead. Do yourselves a favour, get a game in, I promise you won’t regret it. the phrase ‘You don’t stop playing when you get older, you get older when you stop playing comes to mind’.

IMAG0144It was great that Bracknell Walking Football lent a us a few volunteers to get started as well and a big thank to them for that. Many thanks also to Jon Wood from BBFA for running the session on the morning

After training I got talking to Mel in the dressing room and he mentioned how he had done a bit of work scouting. I mentioned the book the Nowhere Men and I may even have recommended that he should read it. As ever I was keen to impress with my knowledge (however scant it may be) and I regaled him with tales of the book. Mel casually allowed me to continue, eventually interrupting me when I paused for breath to say how he know the author and actually the main subject of the book was none other than Mel, himself. You could have knocked me down with a feather. I then decided I better be quite and do a bit of listening. I would highly recommend the ‘The Nowhere Men’ by Michael Calvin, and if you get the chance to ever speak with Mel Johnson you will realise there are some true gentlemen in the game.

Pitchside with Ryan Blandville